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Janka Eckert

Janka Eckert is an independent sustainability consultant and supports companies in taking a holistic view of sustainability. She advises companies on making sustainable decisions and implementing sustainability measures and regulations.

The climate crisis requires transformation. Supply chains and consumption need to be rethought and regenerative systems created. We need to leave our exploitative take-make-waste economy behind.

Sustainability is not a measure, but a different way of running a business.

What I do: Willkommen


With the help of a systemic approach, I support you in your transformation process to become an actor of sustainable business management.

Changing the way a company is run requires more than a strategy workshop and the sole information dropping - it requires a common understanding, companionship of the transformation and honest interacting.

What I do: Dienstleistungen
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Sustainability Scan

The Sustainability Scan reduces complexity while still mapping all important sub-areas for a holistic sustainability management.

It´s a working tool to manage sustainabilty


Consulting by Co-Creation

I accompany teams on the path of transformation and implementation of new processes as an accountability and sparring partner.

Topics I would love to support you with:

  • Analysing your strategy focusing on sustainable impact and circularity

  • Decarbonization

  • Preparing compliance with the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)


Workshops, Moderation & Speaking

In various interactive workshops, I qualify your team on sustainability topics such as circular economy, CO2, duty of care, regulations

About me

With a degree in textil and clothing engineering and sustainable business management, Janka is an expert in the necessary transformation to a regenerative economy towards sustainable supply chains.

She has worked in the fast fashion industry amhong other at Zalando where she gained experience while working in product safety & chemical management with suppliers worldwide and has seen where change is needed. As a climate activist, she has built and led an political organisation and moved people to actively engage in climate action.

Since 2021, Janka has been accompanying clients like Lebenskleidung on their transformation journey and encouraging them to see that a different way of doing business is possible by mapping their actions across the supply chain and developing a strategy for sustainability actions.

What I do: Über mich


What I do: Kundenbewertungen

Janka has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of our sustainability strategy. In order to get everyone involved and to support good cooperation, she has focused on internal and external communication and created understandable presentations. She accompanied our team for more than a year and took care of the selection and communication with partners and tools such as carbon accounting and blockchain technology. She picked us up again and again in weekly meetings and drove the project forward with verve.

Johanna Stock, Lebenskleidung

I look forward hearing from you

Thank you! Let´s stay in touch.

What I do: Lead


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Janka Eckert

Birkenstr. 11


Tax ID Number: DE354712445


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Janka Eckert
Birkenstr. 11
10559 Berlin

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