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SUSTAINABILITY SCAN - A workshop and methode to make sustainability visible and manageable:

  • reducing complexity of sustainability

  • mapping out all the important sub-areas

  • implement a holistic sustainability management

Working towards more sustainability in fashion is complex. It can be hard to keep track of all the topics involved and gain clarity on the certain impact they have. And while many brands rely on CO2 accounting, showcasing their efforts, they also fear the accuracy of the statements made, based on this data. 

Most of the work towards more sustainability is done within the fields of material and design as well as process optimisation - however the right approach is always systematic as it’s a completely different way of doing business and managing a company. This can be challenging - but also a great oppurtunity for your brand. 

Are you wondering how to meet those new expectations? Do you want to become more sustainable in a way that serves your business? Would you like to know how to effectively implement circularity while protecting yourself from greenwashing?


It´s a working tool to manage sustainabilty

Structure: Our sustainability scan clearly outlines all relevant business areas in which sustainability is effective, including social, ecological and cultural levels, like communication, supply chain levels and beyond

Strategy: Our sustainability scan allows you to determine your status quo and define your focus areas to set your goals in. Beyond showing you, where your brand is at right now it will help outline what needs to be done to become more sustainable, circular or even regenerative.

Communication: The outcome of our sustainability scan will be your base for internal and external communication.Having us report your new strategy and objectives in a matrix instead of in a long, complicated text will help clarify the way you speak about your new goals to your stakeholders, customers and in between the different departments of your company.

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What do you take away from the workshop ?

Online Workshop with Janka, Julia and your team


  • Science based definition of  the term sustainability, regeneration and circularity

  • Case study: How sustainability pioneer deal with green washing and the term sustainability

Collaborative status quo analysis

  • Assessment of your sustainability measures based on our SUSTAINABILITY SCAN

  • Graphic evaluation of the status quo

  • A0 print out of you status quo

​Strategy development

  • Identifikation of your sustainability potentials

  • Development of a strategy and derivation of tasks


Online Workshop, 4h

2-6 people from different departments of your company is a good workshop size
Costs: 950€ + VAT




Janka Eckert

With a degree and 6+ year experience in textil and clothing engineering and sustainable business management, Janka is an expert in the necessary transformation to a regenerative economy towards sustainable supply chains.


Julia Kline

With a BA in Fashion Design and an MA in Fashion Management with focus on circularity I bridge the gap between creativity, management and hands-on solutions for a better future of fashion. I have 6 + years in fashion design, product management and consulting in the fashion and outdoor industry. My focus areas are design, materials, business models and strategy and I love to tackle complex problems together with clients in the fields of circularity, sustainability and regeneration.



SUSTAINABILITY SCAN: Kundenbewertungen
Attractive Young Woman

Luisella Ströbele, icke,BERLIN

Julia Kline and Janka Eckert conducted their workshop "Circularity Scan" with us. The tool is easy to understand and led to very honest and individual results in which we find ourselves 100%. Very convincing!

It was a lot of fun to work with the two of them and we can recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to align their label with real sustainability and circularity for a better future. The concrete recommendations for action are now clear and structured in front of us and we are looking forward to the implementation. Thank you for the great and important work!

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